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We rely on our devices more and more each day and not having access to one can be debilitating. Weather you need to replace or add a back up, Phonecrib is your source for quality, second-hand smart devices at affordable prices with convenient ways to finance.

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iPhone ®

Maybe the most iconic cell phone in the world is also the most desirable. For some of us there is no substitute, extraordinary security and ease of use makes this cellphone an easy choice.

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Samsung Galaxy ®

Samsung cellphones are the biggest selling cellphone in world, and the Galaxy series is their most advanced device. With a wide variety of features and styles, the Galaxy is an excellent cellphone for everyday use.

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iPad ®

No matter your age, everyone can use an ipad. That's why they sell more than any other tablet. Weather you need it for work, school, or to keep the kids busy having one is a no-brainer

Keyboard and Mouse

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